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Do you have anything with blueberries?

From bakeshops to school lunch lines, from supermarkets to restaurants, consumers of all ages are asking this same question.

Part of the reason is all the good news about blueberries and health. Consumers see blueberries as a value-added ingredient because they are linked to heart health, anti-aging properties, cancer prevention, improved eyesight and better memory.

Give US Natural

Consumers like the fact that blueberries are a natural ingredient, nothing added, no preservatives. They can be used whole, diced, fresh or dried, freeze-dried, as purée, concentrate or juice. "Healthy is trendy." New and innovative products are always being built on blueberries: ice cream cones with blueberry bits; blueberry salsas and sauces paired with nontraditional seasonings like tarragon and cider vinegar; blueberry barbecue sauce; blueberry computer pills; a pancake mix with dried blueberries; and of course health bars and sweets.

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